Hot pressing

1、 Principle of heat setting processing

Hot press setting processing, referred to as hot setting processing, is a processing method that places the material in the middle of two molds and heats it to a certain temperature to change the shape of the material and fix the shape after cooling.

2、 Material range of heat setting processing

The closed cell materials of PE, EVA, EPDM and Cr can be used as the basic materials for heat setting processing. According to the different physical properties of the materials, the characteristics of the heat setting products are also different.

3、 Characteristics of heat setting processing

a. It can produce machining parts with complex shapes, including inclined surfaces, three-dimensional fillets, etc;

b. The product is convenient for mass production, and the process flow is controllable, and the product quality is stable;

c. The company's logo, various signs and other additional information can be printed on the designated surface of the product

d. The surface is relatively smooth after heat treatment

e. Compared with the original materials, it can better adapt to the packaging liner environment with complex shapes

4、 Case of heat setting processing

a. Swimming float

b. Various cushions, car and medical neck pads

c. Rearview mirror pad

d. Packing box gasket of precision instrument