Closed Cell Foam

Product Introduction

Closed cell polyethylene foam products are formed by chemical crosslinking from low rate to high rate. The foaming rate ranges from 3 times to 50 times. The foam cell of the product is even and delicate, soft to touch, and can be made into a variety of colors, with a wide range of applications.

Because it is a closed cell foam material, it can insulate heat, float on water surface, and has good cushioning performance. It can also be reprocessed and reshaped.

Product Parameters

GradeSizeDensityShore HardnessFeature, RemarksStandard Colors
L-4500 white2000*100020-UL buoyancy material

L-4500 gray2000*100020-UL buoyancy material

L-4500 black2000*100020-UL buoyancy material

L-3000 white2000*100030- 

L-3000 gray2000*100030- 

L-3000 black2000*100030- 

L-3000 antistatic2000*100030 Surface resistance109-11 Ω

L-3000NN gray



30 UL94  HF-1 

LH2LB gray2000*100037  



L-2000 gray2000*100038  

L-2000 black/whitening2000*100038  

LH3LB gray2000*100038  

LH3LBEVA gray2000*100038  

L-2000 powder2000*100038- 

F white(4LB white)2000*100010550 

F gray(4LB gray)




F black(4LB black)2000*100010550 

4LBEVA red / blue1830*122010537 

6LB gray2000*100013560 




L-1400 gray/black2000*10007538 

L-2500NN2000*10003535UL94 HF-1 passed the vehicle material combustion test

L-2501NN2000*10003555Halogen free by UL94 HF-1

L-9001000*1000110110Through the vehicle material combustion test

Product Application

Closed cell polyethylene foam materials can be used in building materials, daily groceries, medical facilities, home appliances it, rail transit, sports goods and other fields.

◎ Building materials, sealing, support, insulation.

◎ The inner lining and cushioning material used in packing and transportation.

◎ Toys, daily necessities, sports health care and other reprocessing products.

◎ Life saving, buoyancy material.

◎ Low temperature, thermal insulation materials.

◎ Pads for precision electronic devices.

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