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Founded in December 2001, Changzhou Sanhe is a Sino Japanese joint venture funded by Japan Sanhe Chemical Co., Ltd., Japan Aku felt Chemical Co., Ltd., Japan Co., Ltd., and Changzhou Kaitong Plastics Co., Ltd. Since its establishment, the company has evolved from the production of open cell plastic foam products based on the technology provided by Japan Sanhe Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. into a comprehensive production enterprise of PE / EVA, NBR / PVC, EPDM, Cr four categories of foam products and ten series of foam products. It has become a domestic enterprise with many and complete varieties of foam products and enjoys a good reputation in the domestic and foreign markets.

The company's 18 year history can be summarized as "hard work and hard work", especially the disposal and running in after enterprise integration in 2006, major fire accidents in 2007, and 2008 The global financial crisis in made the production and operation of the enterprise fall into a low ebb for a time. It is the guidance and strong support of the concept of sincere cooperation and mutual trust among investors, the unswerving enterprising will of the management and the diligent and pragmatic work style of the employees, which has enabled the enterprise to enter and maintain a virtuous cycle, revitalize the enterprise, and has achieved continuous upward business performance, reappearing the enterprise's glory.

The achievements of the company in the past 18 years have benefited from the basic national policy of reform and opening up and the sincere cooperation of all investors. It is the wave of reform and opening that gave birth to the establishment of Changzhou Sino Japanese joint venture in the 1980s, promoted the derivation and development of the enterprise, condensed the profound friendship of all investors in the same boat, and promoted the continuous progress of plastic foam technology and the wide application of products, It has laid a good foundation for the sustainable development of Changzhou Sanhe.

On the occasion of the 18th anniversary of the company's establishment, we compiled the Handbook of Changzhou's three and eighteen years' history, which shows the company's historical scene and progress course through image data, chart data and event records, so as to urge and encourage employees to keep pace with the times and be brave in innovation, and achieve better and faster development in the practice of consolidating the foundation, upgrading management, product advantages and complying with the market, Write a new chapter of Changzhou Sanhe.