Product Introduction

EPDM is a kind of soft and elastic foaming product produced by foaming synthetic rubber. It is easy to compress and fit concave convex surface. At the same time, it also has the excellent heat resistance, drug resistance, oil resistance, skid resistance, durability, etc. EPDM material is not easy to slip and can block water, air and heat. It is most suitable for sealing material and filling material.

Product Parameters

Grade Size Density







white gray black
JB-2018 10000*1000 75 - some of them reach ULV-0
JB-1105 2000*1000 70 -
JK-1105 high flame retardant 2000*1000 70 - ULHF-1
CR-2016 2000*1000 160 20 ULHF-1
CR-2020 1000*1000 180 20 ULHF-1 DIN5510
CR-100NN 1000*1000 170 10
CR-150NN 1000*1000 200 15
CR-350NN 1000*1000 240 35 ULHF-1 DIN5510

Product Application

◎ Sealing material and waterproof material for civil construction.

◎ Anti skid, floor mat.

◎ Insulation application of pipes, floors, etc.

◎ Application of semiconductor dust-free workshop.

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