Open Cell Foam

Product Introduction

Octranol is a kind of open cell polyethylene foam product which is crosslinked by chemical crosslinking agent. Opselot has a soft appearance like a sponge, but its physical properties are different from that of sponge.

Because of its open cell foaming, it has good sound absorption, water absorption, heat insulation and sealing functions. Acid and alkali resistant. And can be made into flame retardant products.

Product Parameters

Grade Size Density







white gray black
LC-300 2000*1000 30 -  
LC-300NN 2000*1000 30 - ULHF-1
LC-150 2000*1000 50 - 5000
LC1091V 1000*1000 145 - ULV-0 Halogen-free
LCX-200#2 2000*1000 45 40  
LCX-150TNB 1800*600 70 50  
LC-3000#2 2000*1000 35 - The combustion test of vehicle materials is equivalent to HF-1
LC-3000#2NN 2000*1000 35 - UL94 HF-1 identification
LC-3001#2 2000*1000 35 - It is equivalent to HF-1, halogen-free and high sound absorption type

Product Application

◎ Weather resistance is better than sponge, stable, environmental protection.

◎ Rail transit, automobiles, home appliances. 

◎ Building materials, roof insulation, sealing. 

◎ Office supplies, household goods, daily necessities, etc.

Cosmetics, business supplies, household goods, automatic car products, daily necessities

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